Job Title:

Job Description:

1. Job Purpose:

  • Ensure that all vessels built and purchased meet statutory, flag, class, registration, customers and operational needs.

  • On completion of initial tendering, take leadership and responsibility for ship building programmes.

  • Provide technical advice and support to ensure that from a Divisional level selected vessels are maintained and operated in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner at all times.

2. Responsibilities - Includes but not exclusively the following:
Strategies and Planning
  • Develop, communicate and ensure the implementation of strategies and plans that will stimulate continuous improvement of technical activities throughout the relevant fleet operation. Evaluate effectiveness; produce status reports with recommendations as and when required by the OEM.

  • Produce accurate plans and manage new builds and major conversions, as determined by the OEM, and have full responsibility for processing warranty / guarantee claims.

Project Management
  • Formulate accurate project plans for new builds and any major vessel conversions.

  • Liaise with all concerned parties and communicate effectively during and at the end of phase / stage.

  • Manage each phase / stage of new build / conversion projects to ensure specifications are met to include budgeted costs, quality and time deadlines.

  • Produce accurate, concise and comprehensive reports in a timely manner, present and communicate.

  • Review planned performance against actual analyse variance, recommend corrective / preventive action and implement agreed actions.

  • Final review and evaluate projects to determine success and how improvements can be made in the future report and present findings.

Technical Support
  • Assist with the common understanding and use of best technical practices and reporting throughout the relevant fleet operation, maintain, evaluate and produce status reports with recommendations for improvement as and when required by the OEM.

  • Preparation and presentation of accurate and comprehensive technical costings for inclusion in commercial tenders, bids and projects in a timely manner.

  • Provide timely and accurate technical support to general, regional and operational managers, associated companies and organisations and operational and commercial functions.

Management and Leadership
  • Assist in the recruitment, selection and induction of new Technical employees.

  • Ensure the training of new build supervisors.

  • Ensure new build supervisors discharge their specific vessel's responsibilities and take ownership for all technical and operational aspects.

  • Manage and appraise the performance of new build supervisors, Masters and Chief Engineer.

  • Ensure senior sea staff and Technical personnel are aware of their responsibilities and that they are discharged to the satisfaction of the Company.

Safety and Continuous Improvement
  • Promote, monitor and evaluate safety performance and work in close co-operative with the Divisional QA / HSE

  • Manager to ensure all senior sea staff and technical employees understand, comply and drive forward safety standards and safe working practices.

  • Investigate and analyse causes of defects, take timely corrective actions and implement preventive measures to avoid recurrence.

  • Monitor and identify any common vessel defects that affect performance, analyse trends and recommend corrective and preventative actions to the OEM .

  • Maintain a detailed up to date database of pricing of new builds and continually appraise OEM as required.

  • Maintain technical knowledge and ensure personal development continues to meet requirements of the company.

3. Key Results Areas
  • Ensure that all vessels built are fit for purpose, evaluate and report.

  • Undertake technical projects and provide technical input into other projects as required by operational and commercial functions.

  • Provide effective and timely technical guidance and support as required.

  • Ensure full compliance of all new purchased vessels with statutory, regulatory, flag state bodies, customers and operational needs.

  • Produce accurate and timely reconciliation of capital expenditure projects.

  • Provide technical assistance to commercial function for the purchasing or sale of vessels, preparation of tenders and other documents.

4. Operating Environment
  • Principally based in Dubai - Jebel Ali Free Zone

5. Limitations of Authority
The Divisional Project Engineer is not authorised without prior approval of the OEM to:-
  • Initiate legal proceedings.

  • Provide references for ex-employees.

  • Hold press conference or issue public statements.

  • Commit the Division to Capital Expenditure over and above set limits on projects.

  • Enter into or vary the terms of existing agreements.

  • Authorise expenditure in excess of amount as determined by the Company from time to time.

  • Appoint or cancel agents.

  • Grant loans to any parties or employees, within the context of this job description.

  • Sell or mortgage any fixed assets.

  • Obtain loans, overdrafts, etc. from banks or other financial institutions in the name of any of the Divisional Companies.

6. Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Preferred age range 35-55 years

  • Operational experience of offshore support vessels, including sub-sea construction

  • Min. 3 years experience as Superintendent.

  • Has knowledge / experience of Dynamic Positioning

  • Technical Report Writing

  • Dealt with multinational shipyards

7. Requirements

  • Class 1 Motor or Marine engineering / naval architecture degree

  • Supervised projects to include major conversions or new building of offshore vessels

  • Drawing approval experience

  • Intimate knowledge of major Class Societies requirements

  • Experience of outfitting offshore vessels

  • Dry dock and Planned Maintenance System experience

  • Computer! IT literate

  • Excellent English communicating and strong analytical skills.

  • Development of Policies, Commercial experience & QA / HSE knowledge

Salary & Benefits:
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